United Wind

Project highlights


United States


US$200 million

In 2015, Forum invested US$200 million in United Wind, a premier provider of distributed wind power solutions, for distributed wind projects throughout the U.S.

The financing significantly expands United Wind’s market-leading WindLease program, which enables residential and commercial property owners to lease distributed-scale wind turbines.

The program lets qualified customers reduce energy costs by harvesting on-site wind energy through a fixed rate, 20-year maintenance-free lease without any initial out-of-pocket costs.


United Wind launched WindLease in 2013 to provide financing to the historically underserved distributed wind market. This partnership provides financing for WindLease projects throughout the American Northeast and Midwest, with customers including homeowners, farms, small businesses, agricultural operations, factories, and others with on-site power generation needs and suitable land and wind resources.

From applying structured finance to real-estate, and public-private partnerships to renewable energy — Our portfolio reflects our approach to targeting niche market opportunities.