Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Pedestrian Tunnel

Project highlights


Toronto, ON


C$82.5 million

The Billy Bishop Toronto Centre Airport Pedestrian Tunnel offers quick, convenient, reliable access to the island airport. Officially opened in 2015, the Tunnel is a modern, underground 700-foot walkway built seven stories under Lake Ontario.

To provide Tunnel access, a pavilion was constructed on the mainland and an extension added to the airport’s terminal building on the Toronto Island side.

Forum was the lead developer of the Tunnel, which was procured by Ports Toronto (formerly Toronto Port Authority) as a public-private partnership structured as a design-build-finance-maintain project with a 20-year concession.


From design to construction to final finishes, the Tunnel exemplifies innovation and reflects the priorities of travellers. From the moving walkways and escalators, to the acoustics and interior shape, to the state-of-the-art digital screens that create a visual experience, every detail was carefully thought out to create an efficient, engaging experience.

Forum sold its interest in this project in 2016, and maintains its role as the asset manager on behalf of an institutional owner.

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