We apply structure to core investments, and pursue value-added and opportunistic investments, often with an element of contracted revenue that facilitates creative capital structuring.

We see these opportunities in sectors including real estate, alternative energy, infrastructure, smart technologies, building systems and consumer finance – and we’re constantly looking for new and interesting market niches in which to invest.

An appetite for innovation

We like to seek deals that don’t fit an institutional mandate.


We’re constantly learning and finding new approaches. “Off-the-run” situations are our specialty.

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Our Approach to Real Estate

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Forum often applies principles of structured finance in the acquisition of real estate assets. Our historic interest has been in a range of asset types including multi-residential, student housing, office and retail across Canada and the United States.

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Our Approach to Strategic Investments

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Our Strategic Investments team targets equity and platform investments with a focus on contracted revenue assets surrounding the building or home. Home automation, district energy, on-site power generation, HVAC and water heater rentals are a few examples. The Strategic Investments team also focuses on other opportunistic investments across a variety of sectors.

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