Forum was founded in 1996 on the principles of creativity and pioneership.

We achieve aggressive growth for all our stakeholders through rigorous innovation and consistent performance as a top-tier alternative asset class investor.

Forum has delivered a cumulative return on invested capital in the top 1% of alternative asset managers. Enterprise value of assets owned and managed currently exceed CAD$1.3B

Life and work at Forum House

We’re a purpose-driven, entrepreneurial private equity firm that seeks to empower all its employees with challenging work and abundant opportunity.

The firm built its reputation for challenging the traditional approach — a spirit that endures today. We’re a tight, driven group with complementary skill sets and an understanding of what’s required to create Extraordinary Outcomes™.

Forum’s culture fosters creativity by providing an atmosphere supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit. We’re a young and energetic team based not upon hierarchy, but open discourse and valuable contributions.

Great things happen in places that inspire optimism. Designed to kickstart creativity, foster collaboration and inspire ideas, Forum House is one of those places.

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