Ontario Residential Rooftop Solar Portfolio

The portfolio is made up of a large, diverse set of residential rooftop solar systems located across the province. Gallery Each system generates and delivers power to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator under a 20-year fixed-rate microFIT contract.

BioStar Renewables

The company’s principals have built over 1,000 megawatts of solar, biomass, and combined heat and power projects. This, in combination with energy management and efficiency services, provides a holistic approach for a comprehensive energy plan. Gallery BioStar provides the full capital-stack from early development through completion and will own/operate systems for the full project tenure […]

National Energy Partners

Under an innovative investment structure, we provide development capital and construction equity financing for NEP’s growing portfolio of solar projects – including ground-mount and rooftop installations – and the operation of photovoltaic systems. Gallery NEP works with public and private sector companies to provide cost-efficient, clean on-site power solutions by developing and installing photovoltaic solar […]

United Wind

The financing significantly expands United Wind’s market-leading WindLease program, which enables residential and commercial property owners to lease distributed-scale wind turbines. The program lets qualified customers reduce energy costs by harvesting on-site wind energy through a fixed rate, 20-year maintenance-free lease without any initial out-of-pocket costs. Gallery United Wind launched WindLease in 2013 to provide […]